Shimano Custom Fit Footbed/Insole

Proper arch support reduces flex in the foot during the pedal stroke, distributes the pressure from the pedal stroke, and supports the foot to deliver more power through better hip=knee-foot alignment. It's also a big comfort add, especially for riders enjoying longer rides. Nestled between the flexible upper and the more rigid outsole, a shoe’s insole acts as the interface between the bottom of the foot and the sole. 

Shimano’s Custom-Fit footbeds allow you to customize the level of support with interchangeable inserts, even allowing for differences between left & right. Our footbed offerings are a critical part of our bike fitting service, but you don't need to buy a whole bike fitting to enjoy the benefits of a proper footbed. 

Compatible with: All Shimno Shoes, Most other cycling Shoes

*Ask us to fit your footbeds for you, either in new shoes or your old ones.