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ROAD RIDES in Melbourne - Saturday Shoprides, Beach Road Cycling

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7AM Saturday No-Drop Road Ride – Beach Road

Distance: 40km

Avg Speed: 28-32km/hr

Group size: Varies from 8-30 riders

Departs: 7:00 AM sharp

The shop crew leads a group ride that departs from the shop at 7:00 sharp and rides to the Mordialloc turn-around and back, via South Rd and Beach Rd.  Although the group is stocked with veterans of road riding, we welcome all riders with the right equipment and spirit.  “No-drop” means we stay together as a group and reel in the faster riders at the front while working with any people in the back of the group – offering a push when needed to get that last few meters to get back on the train.  Since riding in the city can be intimidating to many, it’s safest in bunches and with a few pointers on etiquette and group riding dynamics, it can be a very fulfilling way to get your fitness, not to mention the social aspects.  The faster 6AM groups along with the 7AM group all depart Mordialloc together for the section to Blackrock, after which we tend to split into several smaller groups by speed capability. After finishing back along South Rd, join us for coffee at Tax Agent on Patterson Rd in Bentleigh - a few blocks from the shop.  And, as usual, the ride is best enjoyed while riding in a matching shop kit, custom to Urban Pedaler.  Give us a call if you have any questions.  9557 6461

Moderate to high fitness required.


6AM Saturday Rides - Two Groups

Fast Group
35-45 km/hr, rides through Frankston into hills south of Frankston - 80km

Tempo Group
32-38 km/hr, rides to the top of Oliver's Hill south of Frankston - 65km

Total group size: Varies from 10-30 riders

Departs: 6:00 AM sharp

Both groups depart together and split by speed after Mordialloc, on the way to Frankston, then join back together from the BP station in Frankston for a 7:15 depart, rolling turns back to Mordialloc. We meet with the 7AM ride that arrives in Mordialloc at the same time.  Both rides head off together back through Blackrock and back to the shop via South Road at a "talking pace" of 28km/hr. Everyone meets for coffee at 8:35 in bentleigh, just behind the shop at Tax Agent Espresso.

We communicate mainly as a group on a private Facebook page - accessible after you have joined us.

Shop Kit

And the ride is best enjoyed when wearing an official shop kit. We sell these in store and the main colours are fluoro green and yellow, giving you lots of opportunity to match your other gear in bright yellow or green. It’s all about the #matchymatchy.


wednesday night rides urban pedaler

We ride every Wednesday night somewhere in the southeast of Melbourne. Some of our regulars like to lead rides on their favorite trails, so we like to mix it up a bit, it is different each week. Our most common starting points are Mordialloc (beside the main roundabout), Macro Ct in Rowville, and the dirt lot at the corner of Wells Rd & Patterson River. Our normal start time is 7-7:10PM, depending on the location.

The lighting requirements for nightriding on gravel & singletrack is more than road, we like at least 2500 lumen lights or better as a primary front light and a tail light for the short runs on roads. We keep a few demo lights, let us know during the day on Wednesday if you would like to try one and we’ll reserve one for you.

Nightriding can be extremely fun with no one else on the trails and with good light it’s just as safe as riding during the day. Come join us and see what all the buzz is about!  :)



wednesday night gravel ride urban pedaler
  • One of our many gravel ride routes

Ineos Grenadier Urban Pedaler Gravel ride

  • Load’em up!




Join our online groups and catch wind of rides being organized within our group; road rides, weekend getaways, morning group rides, etc.  Start by joining our private Facebook group called Urban Pedaler Riding Community and then there are Messenger and Whatsapp groups that evolve from there. Only riders who have participated in one of our shop-sanctioned rides are approved to join the online community.



We organize a few trips to the mountain biking mecca Derby, Tasmania for some regular clients and local riders.  We are working on some gravel trips and other adventures to add to the calendar in the coming years.