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GT Grade Carbon - Gravel road bike

Post by  Gabe Sullens May 15, 2019

  One of the fastest growing trends in cycling right now is "gravel road".  This encompasses a few different overlapping categories that we as retailers cater to already like rugged road bikes with disc brakes for commuters, cyclocross bikes that don't really get raced in...

Frankston Trainline Disruption, bike commuting as an alternative

Post by  Gabe Sullens Apr 05, 2019

TRAFFIC CHAOS This winter is packed with commuter nightmares along the Frankston Line during the disruptions in April and May, as well as the Level Crossing Removal Project slated for June and July.  Car traffic will be up, delays will be many. See the Frankston...

Cannondale Supersix Evo - Disc or non disc? - Product Review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 08, 2019

For most of 2017 and 2018 I rode my white Evo HiMod Disc that I built up with Ultegra Di2.  I did my weekly 70km Saturday shopride here in Melbourne, and all the training for Around the Bay, plus doing the event itself.  The bike...

Cannondale Habit Carbon 2 - Two month product review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 07, 2019

I'm fortunate to be able to ride new bikes and change them often.  With so much time spent on different bikes, it's worth sharing some of my experience with riding some of the Cannondale and GT mountain bikes here on Melbourne trails. My latest project,...

Cannondale 2020 Dealer Preview

Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 07, 2019

In February I attended the Cannondale Bikes Dealer Conference in Melbourne where we had a brief look at the road bikes, mountain bikes, and other models in the line plan for 2020 here in Australia.  Although I can't share photos and all the hairy details...

Cannondale Slate Review [incl: what makes gravel bikes unique]

Post by  Gabe Sullens Apr 17, 2018

In this article we review the 2018 Cannondale Slate dirt/gravel bike and provide an overview of how the gravel sector differentiates itself from other popular segments, such as road and cyclocross. We will provide detail on the unique characters of the Cannondale Slate, and conclude...

Allen Lim talks Nutrition & Scratch Labs

Post by  Gabe Sullens Nov 03, 2016

Allen Lim talks Nutrition Allen Lim talks Nutrition Here is an interview from Bicycling Australia of Dr Allen Lim, one of the co-founders of Scratch Labs and author of the new cyclist’s cookbook “The Feed Zone”.  He’s discussing the ethos of Skratch Labs and the...