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Flat Pedals - how to get the best from riding without clip-in pedals

Post by  Gabe Sullens Feb 27, 2021

Everyone talks about the efficiency boost you get from riding with clip-in pedals, but not everyone is cut out for them.  It can be the risk averse rider, or someone recovering from an injury or surgery & it's not an option to have a crash;...

2020 Cannondale Evo Supersix Disc Etap - Long term review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Dec 05, 2019

I've had a little time to really get to know my latest bike, the all-new, 2020 re-vamped version of Cannondale's Supersix Evo Disc.  The frame - The most noticeable feature of this new design is the lower seatstays. This is a comfortable and definitely a...

Tacx Neo 2 Review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Aug 28, 2019

I've been using the Tacx Neo 2 now for a complete winter season and it's definitely the best trainer that I've had so far.  I own a bike shop, so I take one home, use it for a few weeks, sell it, and take another...

How to setup the ideal indoor trainer studio

Post by  Gabe Sullens Jun 20, 2019

What's the ideal setup?   I started in the garage with an ipad on a handlebar bracket with a basic smart trainer, and over the past few years have learned a few tricks by helping people setup their own "pain cave" as well as learning...

Time Atac Pedal Review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Jun 19, 2019

Time Atac pedals are an SPD-style mountain bike pedal, designed for offroad riding.  The SPD-design is based on a small, steel or metal cleat that is mounted in a small recess in the tread of a shoe to allow the rubber tread to touch the...

I get asked a lot about the ideal setup for an indoor trainer.  I'm slowly setting up my own ideal home setup and I've seen some cool ones along the way.  I'm learning, technology is changing, and there's a lot on offer. This year I've...

GT Grade Carbon Review - Gravel road bike

Post by  Gabe Sullens May 15, 2019

 Update June 19, 2019 - Ride Review I've now spent some time on this bike and wanted to update this review based on some kms in the saddle. Hits: compliance while riding in the saddle over gravel, rough roads. It's comfy and fast. Weight -...

Frankston Trainline Disruption, bike commuting as an alternative

Post by  Gabe Sullens Apr 05, 2019

TRAFFIC CHAOS This winter is packed with commuter nightmares along the Frankston Line during the disruptions in April and May, as well as the Level Crossing Removal Project slated for June and July.  Car traffic will be up, delays will be many. See the Frankston...

Cannondale Supersix Evo - Disc or non disc? - Product Review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 08, 2019
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For most of 2017 and 2018 I rode my white Evo HiMod Disc that I built up with Ultegra Di2.  I did my weekly 70km Saturday shopride here in Melbourne, and all the training for Around the Bay, plus doing the event itself.  The bike...

Cannondale Habit Carbon 2 - product review

Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 07, 2019
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The 2019/2020 Cannondale Habit is coming of age and this version is one of the best, balanced, capable trail bikes I've ridden. I'm fortunate to be able to ride new bikes and change them often.  With so much time spent on different bikes, it's worth...