Used Bikes Program

Used Bike Program at Urban Pedaler

We can help you sell your old bike and replace it with a new one!
  • Kids have grown out of their bike, need a bigger one...
  • No longer ride your triathlon bike...
  • Thinking of taking up mtn biking and getting off the road...
  • The rim brake road bike is nice, but you really want disc brakes...
  • You have an eye on that new model...
  • You recently bought a new bike, but it's not the right bike for you

There's a ton of reasons that you might have a bike in the garage that is no longer desirable for you to ride, but that doesn't mean that someone else won't want it!

Bring your bike in and let us look it over. If it fits our program, we're happy to sell it for you.

Do you have a nice bike in the garage collecting dust? A nice kids bike that your young one has grown out of? If it’s a nice bike in the right condition, bring it in and we’ll consider selling it for you.

How much can we sell your bike for?

We’ll start with the original RRP of the bike and consider age, condition, changes to spec, current market demand for the style/model/brand at the time and what is necessary to get it into a saleable condition. We’ll do some market research and try to get the most for your bike. Each bike will command a different percentage of what you originally paid.

How much commission will the store take?

  • 10% of the final sale price as a straight commission, or...
  • The entire sell price can be applied as a store credit towards a replacement bike of greater value, with no commission taken.

Additional charges to the seller may apply:

  • Parts - In order to on-sell your bike, we may deem it necessary to replace parts. This might be in order to make it more appealing to prospective buyers, but also to make it rideable and safe for the end user. Any parts used will be deducted from the sale price (ex. Brake pads, chain, tyres, bar tape, cables, etc)
  • Labour – We’ll deduct any major labour needed outside of the cleaning & polishing

What does Urban Pedaler provide?

  • Complimentary cleaning and polishing
  • Application of touch-up paint, buffing, clear tape as necessary
  • Quality and detailed photos that attract attention
  • Posting ad(s) in appropriate online marketplace and in store for visibility
  • Manage buyer inspections and test rides in store
  • Manage the price based on how well it’s being received
  • Free tuneup to final buyer if sale meets our criteria
  • Finance and credit card capabilities for those who need to use credit to purchase
  • And, in some cases, original manufacturer(s) warranty may be passed on to the new buyer

How long will it take to sell my bike?

This depends on many factors, but we aim to have it sold within 6 weeks. If it’s not gaining traction and attention, then we will reduce the price and allow price negotiations with prospective buyers to accelerate the process.

Requirements and Exclusions

We prefer to help you sell bikes that you bought new, so bring in your receipt to add value to the end sale price. If you bought it from us, we’ll have your receipt on file.

If the bike is in an undesirable condition, we may not be able to add value to the process of on-selling it for you and you might be better suited selling it yourself.

Stop in or call us today!  03 9557 6461