UP Team

Gabe Sullens - Owner

Gabe has twenty five years of industry experience with time spent managing Supergo Bike Shops in California, Dealer Development at Specialized headquarters in California, Taiwan, and Australia, and as National Sales Manager for Cannondale in Australia. While traveling the world doing dealer development for hundreds of bike shops, he has experienced some of the best and worst of bicycle retail. Armed with a list of best practices, great ideas, and best intentions, he openethis shop with an eye on delivering the best experience with buying a bike and long term rider support. Building and supporting the local cycling community, providing the city's best bike fitting, and having a knowledgeable team are the focus, and the size of the groups on the weekly rides is testament to this. He’s a long time mountain biker, leads a weekly nightride at Lysterfield, stays fit in between mountain bike rides by riding his road bike on Beach road or hitting the gravel rides around Melbourne.


Guy Dimmick

Guy recently retired, and has an insatiable love of bikes so he's spending a bulk of his time road riding and mountain biking. He's got a new Topstone gravel bike to take him some new places as well as a Habit Carbon and a few others. A former customer of the store, he's finding the constant access to bike stuff intoxicating. Guy helps out on Saturday shoprides and on the sales floor on weekends. 

Karyn Mckenzie


Cam Hales

Paul Davis

Paul is our bike fitter and part time helper on the sales floor. He is a Master Level Body Geometry bike fitter and certified in F.I.S.T. and Guru bike fitting tech with 10+ years of experience under his belt. He's an experienced competitive road rider as well as MTB and knows his way around the shop, being a former shop owner himself.