Our Team

Gabe Sullens - Owner

Gabe Sullens Urban Pedaler
Gabe has thirty years of industry experience with time spent managing Supergo Bike Shops in California, Dealer Development at Specialized headquarters in California, Taiwan, and Australia, and as National Sales Manager for Cannondale in Australia. While traveling the world doing dealer development for hundreds of bike shops, he has collected some of the best practices in retail and implements them at home in his own shop. Armed with a list of innovative solutions, great ideas, and insights, he openethis shop with an eye on delivering the best experience buying a bike and long term rider support. Building and supporting the local cycling community, providing the city's best bike fitting, and having a knowledgeable team are the focus. The size and comaraderie of the groups on the weekly rides is testament to this. He’s a long time mountain biker, and stay fit by leading a weekly grave nightride and road ride on Saturdays along Beach Road here in Melbourne.

Cam Hales - Workshop Manager

Cam is relatively new to the bike industry, but a longtime and experienced competitive road rider at both local and national level. He keeps his SystemSix impeccably clean and he has a long history with Cannondale bikes. In his previous life he was a video editing and production professional and has translated his attention to detail to his love and maintenance of bikes. He manages the workshop and QC for Urban Pedaler along with sales and expertise in all things road. He leads our Saturday shopride, the fast one, and keeps our community on top of their riding with tips on riding techniques, equipment, maintenance routines, and training. Feel free to nerd out with Cam on anything from chain wax, tyre pressures, tubeless setups, aerodynamics, or zone training, he'll be happy to oblige.

Paul Davis
- Bike Fitter

paul davis bike fitter
Paul is our bike fitter. He is a Master Level Body Geometry bike fitter and certified in F.I.S.T. and Guru bike fitting tech with 15+ years of experience under his belt. He's an experienced competitive road rider as well as MTB and knows his way around the shop, being a former shop owner himself. Having done his first Ironman in late 2023, he's very well versed in triathlon, training, preparation, and injury prevention for endurance athletes. Paul has been working with Urban Pedaler since 2018 and conducted nearly 1000 fits during that period and there's rarely a fit subject that presents something new that he has not seen or helped resolve before... including Polydactyly, fused vertebrae, leg length discrepancies, saddle pain, missing extremities and more. Everybody who wants to ride a bike should be able to, and he has the experience to help.

Jeremy Coles - ECommerce & Content Manager

jeremy coles

Jeremy is our website and content manager. He grew up racing four-cross with a mix of dirt jumping and park riding in Hobart, Tasmania. He studied in NSW, spending most of his spare time surfing before graduating and moving down to Melbourne. After living in Melbourne for some time, he has continued to make the journey back home regularly, now residing back home in Hobart Tasmania and working remotely. These days you're more likely to find him yacht racing rather than riding as the crashes hurt more as he's grown older. He's done the Sydney to Hobart and several other sailing events over the years and has a regular crew that he joins at sea on various voyages.

Zach Anquetil - Junior Sales

Zach is an aspiring road racer, in a family of cyclists. He is a member of The Hurt Box (THB) and when he feels like it, he joins our Saturday shop ride and puts the hurt on everyone. He works Saturdays and occasionally during the week.