I want to ask, but…

Commonly asked questions about cycling

There are no stupid questions here, nor are there fears we can’t help overcome.

I want to ride on the road, but riding around cars scares the bejeezus out of me!

A very common concern, but after a few rides with some experienced riders we can help with this one.  Road riding can be very fun, safe, and fulfilling, but it takes the right guidance to make the leap into road riding and we’re here to help.  There are habits that cyclists can practice that reduce risk, behaviors we can avoid that enrage drivers, and general practices that improve your experience and keep you safer.  Certain times of the day are safer than others, riding in groups can be safer, and certain routes can improve your chances of having an enjoyable and safe ride.


 Are clip-in pedals really necessary?  My friends tell me I’m gonna fall…

Not true.  Most of us jumped into clipless with no help or guidance, and most of us fell the first time out.  Just because the old-school riders didn’t have good guidance or preparation doesn’t mean you won’t.  Helping people transition from flats to clip-in pedals and shoes so they can benefit from the added efficiency and speed is one of our specialties, so just ask.


Underwear under my bike shorts?

Yeah, we know the first time you put on bike shorts, the combination of lycra stretch and the new sensation of a chamois in your shorts is kinda strange.  So taking off your underwear and going commando in your shorts just seems wrong.  But…  the chamois is designed to pull moisture away form your skin, so a layer of cotton between the shorts and your skin traps moisture and is a perfect warm/moist ecosystem for germs that cause saddle sores.  Unless your trying on a new set of our kit, leave the underwear at home.  You’ll be used to it by your second ride, promise.

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