Electric Bikes

We are now an official Demo Centre for Cannondale Ebikes, Kona, Schwinn, GT and other brands in Melbourne.  Come test ride, or even do an extended demo on one, compare a couple. 

Mountain E-bikes:

  • Moterra and Habit Neo dual suspension
  • GT Panterra and E Force Current dual suspension
  • Cannondale Cujo and Trail 29" Hardtail mountain bike
  • SmartMotion Hypersonic dual suspension

Urban, City, Multi-use E-bikes:

  • Cannondale Quick Neo, Lekker X, Dyson Bondi, Folding, Hardtail and Hardtail RTC

Road E-Bikes:

  • Cannondale Synapse Neo - Now available and getting great reviews! Starting at $5999





Electric Bikes are the future, and the future is coming fast

Longer Trail Rides, More Exploration, Higher Climbs

Alternative Transportation, Commuting

Balancing Fitness Levels with your Partner

Riding with Injuries and Physical Limitations


Whatever your reason for looking into an E-bike, there’s something for you with all the choices hitting the market.  The major bike shows in Las Vegas, Germany and Taiwan over the last few years have been responding to a major shift in riding trends across Europe, China and the USA and the consensus is that E-bikes are coming hard and fast.  Even New Zealand has been hit with a major spike in demand, mostly because of increased traffic congestion and travel times by car. Innovations in battery technology, major manufacturers partnering with frame and motor integration, 27.5+ tyre standards for offroad bikes, and of course anti-lock braking systems are coming to market.

The fast-growing global trend to replace trips in the car with your bike has taken off as electric bikes have become more powerful and their range has increased with better battery technology.  The electric bikes are becoming faster, lighter, more integrated, and better-looking and the legal framework in many countries is catching up to support and better identify safety standards so that manufacturers can confidently develop products that have a wide application.

Road E-bikes

Electric road bikes are just starting to take off and give a much needed boost to climbs and accelerating away from stops to give you more energy to ride at your chosen pace. The Synapse also comes with an incredibly efficient Bosch motor that disengages fully when not activated, feeling like a regular road bike when not motoring.

  • The Synapse Neo has an all-day 200km range and starts at $5999

Offroad E-Bikes

It’s becoming more and more frequent to spot riders out on the local mountain bike trails on E-bikes.  These usually come with wider 27.5+ tyres for grip, front suspension, and even full suspension.  They have tons of low-speed grunt for accelerating and climbing over roots, rocks, and steep trails.  Some riders are finding these great for doing all-day adventures on longer trail rides, rides that typically need a shuttle to get you to the top, and even for some riders who want to balance out the fitness delta between them and some of their friends.  They are powerful, super fun to ride, and allow you to accomplish distances, climbs, and longer days in the saddle that were not possible before.  The test ride blows people’s minds and you can instantly see yourself enjoying what these have to offer.

We carry Cannondale, GT, SmartMotion, and Dyson mountain bikes.


  • Cannondale's new 2020 Moterra Full Suspension E-MTB - 150mm of travel and Bosch's top of the line Gen 4 motor

  • Cannondale Habit Neo, 130mm travel, trailbike extraordinaire

  • SmartMotion Hypersonic 120mm Dual suspension


Commuting E-Bikes

It is better to think of one of these bikes as a different or additional form of transportation rather than a replacement for an existing bike or car.  The cycling purists might think a motor is cheating, but these bikes appeal to so many people that wouldn’t think of themselves as cyclists, and for good reason:

Wear any style clothing while you ride

Arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat

Park pretty much anywhere

We ride these for errands and occasionally commuting to & from the shop on work days.  It’s a different experience from our Saturday Beach Road rides and trips out to the trails at Lysterfield.

Come by and take a test ride, imagine what it would be like to run out to the garage & hop on your eBike to go to work instead of sitting in traffic or enduring public transportation.  Park like a rock star and take the extra time you saved to either sleep in a few more minutes, or go sit down & enjoy a coffee & read the paper before work.

We stock, service and sell Dyson and Cannondale brands of bikes in this category


  • Lekker X in Onyx

  • Quick Neo flatbar fitness Ebike


  • Dyson Bondi Stepthru


Fitness and Recreation

We’ve seen so many reasons to ride since stocking and selling these for the past several years.  There are people who want to ride with a cycling friend or partner that is more experienced, there are people that have injuries with their hip or ankle and want the freedom that wasn’t available without electric assist.  Some want a bike that lets them enjoy the rail trails, bike paths and 4wd tracks in and around Victoria or even something to ride with their kids to school and back.  The designs, prices, and features in this category are various, talk to us to help find a model that suits your goals and aspirations.  These are some of the models we carry…


  • Dyson Hardtail Evo

  • Dyson Bondi Step-Thru

  • Lekker Jordaan Electric


Stop by the shop for a test ride or call to arrange a test ride.  03 9557 6461