Women’s cycling


Choosing the right bike and the right equipment can be a challenge for anyone. Then, getting the right advice and equipment or accessories to round out your experience can be daunting.  Let us help, we’re the experts and we’re here to help you reach your individual goals. Our team is dedicated to making the bike shop experience enjoyable and inviting for everyone. With the best brands, our solid bike fitting experience and services, inclusive grouprides and the best people that understand how to deliver great service, we are the best choice for new riders and experienced ones.

The team at Urban Pedaler is uniquely qualified and trained to help women find the right products and the right fit for their desired cycling experience, whether that's in proper bike fitting, saddle choice, proper bike sizes, or whatever that might be.

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TESTIMONIAL – From Noula Evagelis, a recreational road rider who recently purchased a bike from us…

“Hi Gabe. The bike is going very well, have been out riding  today and plan to go tomorrow. Very happy with the bike. My friends and family are very impressed with it too. Thanks for your great help and patience in  run through the bike to ensure I was happy.  I am glad I made the purchase and would highly recommend the bike and your store to anyone.  Thanks Again, Noula”



Women’s Products

FAQ #1 – “Do I need a women’s specific bike?”

The anthropometric data suggests that women’s reach is 1-2cm shorter than men of the same height, are lighter than men and have slightly less power output.  The combination of these elements can present both a challenge and an opportunity to product developers:



Shorter reach – The shorter reach comes from the combination of a shorter torso-to-leg ratio, shorter arms, and smaller hands.   These differences are prevalent until about 175cm tall (5ft 9inches), where the differences become nominal.  So, for women up to 175cm tall, reaching the handlebars on a unisex (men’s) bike can be a stretch, literally.  This can lead to discomfort or even a reduced level of control of the bike, depending on the individual, riding discipline, or the bike in question.  Test riding the bikes available to you and getting professional guidance and feedback can help determine if a women’s bike is right for you.

Lighter weight and lower power output – The average woman totes around a few less kilograms and a slightly lower muscle mass than a man, so she can benefit from lighter frames and lower stiffness targets which can lead to a bike that retains all the high performance targets but in a lighter package.

FAQ #2 – “What makes a bike women-specific?”

This all depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers paint their small size bikes in feminine colors and call them women’s bikes, leading to the industry phrase “pink it and shrink it”. A few leading bike companies have invested considerably in research and developed bikes that are truly designed for female riders, Cannondale being one of those brands. Some of their mountain bikes have lower standover, and size-specific frame tubing that makes bigger bikes stiffer for heavier riders, while smaller sizes remain the same relative stiffness while coming in at much lower weights. The road bike offerings have little differentiation, the size-specific tubing and stiffness leaving little room for differentiation other than frame color (or so it has been in 2018 until 2024). These differences are more pronounced on higher end road and mountain bikes, and less so on entry level, recreational bikes. Women’s bikes will usually climb better and accelerate faster due to the weight advantage. Finally, the bikes are dressed with components that also help with comfort and ergonomics – like saddles, suspension, handlebars, grips, and tyres. All these small factors combine to make the bike a little more tuned to the physical differences between men & women.



TESTIMONIAL – from local triathlete Luisa Orta who trusts her bike to us exclusively..

The question is what do you want from a bike shop??? well, I can tell you what you can get here….. 1. a wide range of bikes, for the little ones and for the experienced athletes 2. you get always the best advice and the most important you pay ONLY for what you need, never will try to sell something that you wont need 3. bike service is the best 4. they have a table and a couple of the chair in the middle of the shop which make you feel at home, those seats are addictive, once you are a customer, you stay there for hours talking about a common passion… bikes 5.excellent coffee/cookies 6. customer service is AAA+, they will always speak to you 7. if they don’t have something you need, they will find it for you 8. you never will waste your time at this shop!!! check it out and you will agree soon!!!


  • Bec is a local commuter, 40k/day