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Shimano GE900 MTB & Gravel Shoe Review

Shimano GE900 shoe review melbourne Australia

The Shimano GE900 shoes have been one of my favorite new gear acquisitions in the past few years. As a proud owner of these top-notch shoes, I can confidently say that they have exceeded my expectations and I enjoy putting them on each & every time I ride. Whether you're hitting the trails on your gravel bike or conquering rugged mountain trails here in Melbourne, these shoes are up for the challenge.

The sleek and contemporary design of these SPD-compatible shoes makes them stand out, while the high-quality materials ensure longevity and performance. The shoes allow for agile movements while maintaining robustness to withstand the demands of gravel biking or mountain biking.


One standout feature of the Shimano GE900 is its versatility. Being able to seamlessly transition between gravel and mountain biking is a huge advantage for cyclists who love to mix up their riding terrain. The shoes provide excellent power transfer, making your pedal strokes efficient whether you're climbing steep trails or cruising on flat gravel paths, putting your foot down in a loose corner or walking a sandy section of singletrack.

shimano ge900 shoe


When it comes to off the bike, I love these shoes. I tend to get ready and put my shoes on way before the ride, I prefer not to put them on at the trailhead. The sole of the shoes is equipped with an outstanding grip that provides traction on various surfaces and they're comfy to walk around in the garage, drive to the meeting point, traipse around in the gravel before the ride, and walk inside the pub afterwards.


Another fantastic feature of the Shimano GE900 is the Boa closure system. This innovative closure system offers a precise and customizable fit, allowing you to dial in the perfect tension for your feet, even when you're rolling along - on the bike. The Boa closure ensures a secure and snug fit, minimizing pressure points and enhancing comfort during long rides. The micro-adjustability of the dial is a game-changer, giving you the convenience of on-the-fly adjustments to adapt to different riding conditions. Much better than velcro or lace-ups, if you can afford the luxury.


In terms of comfort, the Shimano GE900 excels in providing a supportive and cushioned ride. The shoes feature a well-padded interior that hugs your feet comfortably, reducing fatigue and hot spots even during extended rides. Most shoes from shimano come with super thin, woefully inadequate arch support, but that's not unique to Shimano. We fit aftermarket footbeds to almost every pair of shoes we sell at Urban Pedaler, and they are the easiest way to improve support, comfort, circulation, and hip-knee-foot alignment. HIGHLY recommended.


Durability is another highlight of the Shimano GE900 shoes. Built to withstand the rigors of rugged mountain biking, these shoes are crafted with high-quality materials that ensure longevity. I've seen some shoes that people bring in that are 15 years old with toes poking out, and I can't see that happening for the rider that tends to get a "full life" out of his or her shoes. Whether you're tackling rough terrain, muddy trails, or rocky descents, I would imagine you can rely on the durability of these shoes to see you through a long life.


I love the neoprene cuff around the ankle, it keeps gravel and twigs from falling in there, and adds to a nice, comfortable fit. The velcro strap pulls the whole cushy tongue and bulky top all inward and keeps it in place for good ankle support, I like it. The sole material is also grippy on wet rocks and grass, so not a bad off-the-bike shoe.


The ventilation and weight are probably the only negatives with this shoe.  With the padding & comfort comes more material, so they're a bit heavier than a performance XC shoe, and they are a bit warm on those hotter days - but bearable. A nice advantage on cooler days & throughout winter, though, so not all bad!


In conclusion, the Shimano GE900 shoes are a stellar choice for cyclists seeking a versatile, high-performance shoe for both gravel biking and mountain biking. With exceptional grip, a precise Boa closure system, great off-the-bike feel, and top-notch durability, these shoes deliver on all fronts. My favorite cycling shoe since starting mountain biking in the late 80's.

shimano ge900 shoe review

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