Stans NoTubes DIY Tubeless Kit

Do-It-Yourself - The Stan's NoTubes Road Tubeless Kit contains everything you need to get riding on a tubeless set-up with your tubeless-ready rims! It includes Stan's NoTubes Tyre Sealant, 2 x Stan's NoTubes Universal 55mm Presta Valve Stems and a roll of Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape. 

Note: 21mm kit is for typical road wheels, 25mm for gravel rims - measure the inside width of the rim just to be sure which one you should order.

Just two ounces of Stan's Tyre Sealant can repair up to a 6.50mm puncture hole instantly. Stan's Tyre Sealant will stay liquid in a mountain bike tyre with a thin casing for up to seven months on average. When Riding in arid climates or storing the bike in a hot area, we recommend frequent monitoring of sealant levels. And, if you want to ride in the cold, the sealant features special anti-freeze agents which ensure it can be used down to -34C.

- Seals punctures up to 6.5mm quickly
- Stays liquid for up to 7 months for long-lasting protection
- Premium low-viscosity formula is suitable in environments as cold as -34C
- Can be injected through valve stems with removable cores compatible with tubes and tubular tires

Urban Pedaler is your local tubeless expert. Road bikes, gravel, or mountain bikes, we do a lot of tubeless, we ride tubeless on everything. Setting it up properly, carrying the correct kit for repairs, managing pressure, topping up sealant, we can help advise on all things tubeless. If you want to skip the DIY and have it done right, we do tubeless setup for $70 per wheel, with a 90-day no-trouble gurantee.