Prologo Dimension Nack rail 143mm Saddle

The Dimension is an innovative saddle that combines comfort and performance.
Thanks to its design, size and ergonomic shape, it is suitable for many applications. The combination of a short nose and the PAS system ensures a lot of comfort, even on longer tours. The wider seating area (143 mm) also enables a better distribution of body weight. Designed as a unisex saddle, it is equally suitable for men and women.

- Nano carbon fiber frame with a Kevlar, carbon aluminum composite weave for greater tensile strength.
- Carbon fiber injection saddle cell for a 15% weight reduction.
- perineurial area system to eliminate pelvic pressure.

- Size: 245 x 143mm
- Weight: 150g
- Rail available: Nack 7x9,3mm
- Cover: Microfiber

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