Prologo Dimensions AGX Ergo Saddle | 143mm Black

The Dimension is an innovative saddle that combines comfort and performance.
Thanks to its design, size and ergonomic shape, it is suitable for many applications. The combination of a short nose and the PAS system ensures a lot of comfort, even on longer tours. The wider seat area (143 mm) also enables a better distribution of the body weight. AGX stands for the versatile uses of the saddle, adventure, gravel and cyclocross. Designed as a unisex saddle, it is equally suitable for men and women.

- V Shape allows for more advanced seat on the saddle, eliminating pressure in the frontal perineal area and offering greater stability and support area in the rear.
- Carbon Fibre Base in combination with Tirox & Shock absorbing foam it offers elasticity and shock absorption.

Size: 245x143mm
Weight: 187 Grams
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