28" Beto Surge Tubeless Floor pump - Red

Meet the Beto Surge Floorpump! This handy floor pump features a large industrial gauge, Superlight tube-in-tube construction, and a fantastic pumping efficiency, this floor pump will have you filling tyres in no time!

- Composite handle w/ball needle set stored in handle
- Super-Light Tube-in-Tube structure with internal hidden burst tank
- Need only 8 strokes to fill 160psi burst tank
- Oversized 4" industrial gauge for easy reading
- Tank Mode (Lever Down): To store air in the burst tank
- Release Mode (Lever Up):To fill the burst tank for sitting tubeless tire
- Keep lever up for general pumping purpose
- Patented Auto Head fits Schrader/Presta
- Max. pressure 160 psi
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