Slickoleum 118ml (4oz) Tube

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Slickoleum is an ultimate lubricant for O-rings and seals, it works as a suspension grease, it reduces friction, stays were you put it and is resistant to water. Slickoleum is a more cost-effective alternative to Buzzy's Slick Honey.

Slickoleum is light colored, low staining, water-insoluble, and contain high-quality premium additive packages. Slickoleum is low to medium temperature range, multi-purpose greases for fork seals, O-rings, linear slides, bearings and grease lubricated chassis applications. It delivers superior performance where minimum friction is necessary and where low temperatures or high speeds are involved.

- Adhere to and impregnate metallic surfaces reducing friction and increasing lubrication.
- Function in low to medium temperatures, providing increased lubricity.
- Safe for all kinds of seals, elastomers, and O-rings.
- Prevent corrosion and oxidation while providing a protective layer.
- Provide a waterproof layer through our proprietary formulation.

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