Shimano SH12 SPD-SL Cleat Blue - Front Center Pivot

Replacement SPD-SL cleat made by Shimano.

A combined fore and aft cleat-adjustment range of 22 mm (11 mm from the outsole and 11 mm from the cleat) offers each rider the opportunity to find their best cleat position.

Suitable for all SPD-SL compatible shoes and available in 3 different float options from 0° float for optimum power transfer through to 6° float to help prevent potential knee damage.


  • 2 degrees of float in each direction - combined 4 degrees
  • 22 mm of combined cleat-adjustment range offers each rider the ability to select the best possible cleat position.
  • Compatible with SPD-SL pedals 
  • Grip tabs for stability off the bike
  • Sturdy nylon resin construction
  • Mounting hardware included



Shimano SPD-SL cleats are available in 3 different options:
Blue/Red/Yellow - 2°/0°/6° float for a balance between efficiency and knee comfort. Yellow being the most popular by far and the least restrictive on the knee joint through extension, flexion, and tibial rotation of the lower leg.