BuzzRack BuzzyBee 2 Bike Tow Ball Platform Carrier

The Buzzybee 2 is one of Buzzrack’s latest platform tow ball-mounted carriers and is built to carry two bikes with ease. The Buzzybee 2 is a secure and lightweight bike carrier weighing at just 8.5kg, and offers reliable bike transport for up to bikes up to 15kg each. The wheel holders fit most wheelbases, even very small bikes, while the ratchet straps allow the wheels to be easily and securely attached. The locking clamps fit most bikes, big and small, and are made from reinforced nylon so that they are highly resistant. An integrated pad prevents any scratches and each clamp is equipped with a locking knob.
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-The wheel holders will accommodate most wheelbases, even small children’s bikes. You can reverse the wheel supports for the really small bikes. See technical data below

-The long wheel rubber-padded wheel straps hold tyres up to 3.25” wide; pull on them to tighten, and use the quick release to loosen

-The BUZZYBEE 2 is entirely suitable for carbon frame bikes; the rubber bike frame pads and high resistance straps hold any type of tube firmly but gently.

-The maximum permitted load is 40kg, with no bike weighing more than 20kg

-The down tube size is limited to 75mm diameter (3″); whatever bikes you have, always load the heaviest bikes nearest to the car

-The patented conical fitting fits to all tow balls, even to the bolt-on tow balls we see occasionally that do not meet standards for neck length or ball diameter.

-A reminder that it locks to the tow ball.

-The BUZZYBEE 2 sits high on the tow ball, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards such as steep ferry ramps.

-Dimensions: 88cm wide x 52cm deep (measured from the centre of the tow ball to the outside edge of the number plate holder).

-The build quality – tube bending, welding, rust proofing, painting, component quality, is exemplary. The whole carrier looks and feels like the class act it is. All tools you might need are provided.

-All parts are replaceable if e.g. someone forgets that a tow bar carrier is fitted and reverses into a wall – which happens!

Max number of bikes2
Max weight per bike20kg
Max load capacity40kg
Max tire size3.25"
Max bike frame down tube sizediameter 75mm(3″)
Fits all ISO 50mm tow ballYes
Dimensions (width x depth x height)88 x 58 x 70 cm (Height 24cm when
Integrated lighting board yes
Lighting board plug type7 pin (7 pin flat plug for AUS/NZ)
Bike carrier to tow ball lockyes
Bike carrier to bike lockNo


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