Mavic Exalith CXR Brake Pads | Shimano/SRAM

Mavic Exalith CXR brake pads specially designed for effective braking on Exalith rims. They have been specifically developed using Mavic's Exalith technology to ensure consistent and perfectly predictable braking in all weather conditions.
Use only Exalith brake pads with Exalith rims. Available in standard and specific Cosmic CXR versions.

- Braking distance shortened by 18% in wet conditions, while keeping pads wear to normal level
- Exalith treatment penetrates the alloy to delay rim wear and maintain distinctive anthracite grey colour for thousands of kilometres
- New special black Mavic Exalith brake pads to ensure quiet and high braking performance and longevity

- Compatibility: Cosmic CXR
- Use: Road