Storage Solutions

Space is a premium at home and exposing your bike to the elements outside isn’t a good option.  Finding a way to store your bike(s) so they are easily accessed but out of the way is tricky.  Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.  Many brands, and many designs are available.  We carry several, but can always find something special for your unique needs.


  • Multiple floor stands strung together


1. Simple floor stand

If you just want to organize the bike or bikes in the garage and quit leaning them against the wall, these work great.  You can move them around, they can be linked to multiple units and run straight out or at a 45 degree diagonal to save space.  Very stable, and fit all kinds of bikes.

  • Floor bike stand

2. From the wall

Our favourite as it is super small and easy to use, but requires putting holes into the wall.  Good ones allow you to fold the arm away and put things against it when not in use.  One of the cheaper options and easy to expand for several bikes.

  • Wall hooks come in several shapes & sizes


3. Freestanding rack

This can be moved depending on your room’s configuration, and it can go against the wall.  Easy to setup and use.  Best for homes where putting holes in walls is not an option.

  • Freestanding 2-bike stand

4. Floor-to-ceiling stand

These fit ceilings under 3m, but can be extended if needed.  They work best on traditional diamond-shaped frames and lighter weight bikes.

  • Floor to ceiling bike stand

5. From the ceiling

There are a few options from one on pulleys for each individual bike that can be drawn up & down like your blinds, to the one pictured that holds multiple bikes & allows you to push several together so they take up less space.  Over top of the car where you never stand is a lot of unused space, it can be a great option.

  • Ceiling hanging bike rack


Call us if you have a storage challenge, we’re willing to help you find a solution.

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