Car Rack Gallery

Urban Pedaler Installations

These are some of the installations we’ve done here at the shop.  Each one is the result of careful consideration of budget, purpose, and individual requirements.  We have some very happy drivers out there driving confidently with the right racking system.


  • Bill’s Polo GTI holds up to 2 road bikes, and never anything else. We found a sleek, minimalist fork mount tray to complement the car’s styling.
    • Thule G2 Euroway ball-mount for this family of 5. They chose this for it’s folding/compact size and 3-bike capacity.

    • Audi Q7 w/ 4-bike setup for road trips. Super pro system that is so easy & fast to load that even the kids load their own.

    • What not to do…   The very common top-bar mount racks work on very few bikes correctly, this guy has one bike upside down and sideways to get all of them to fit – a trainwreck waiting to happen, and very rough on the bikes.

    • Triple bike roof system on Holden Astra


    • Thule roof installation on existing roof rails, with two Sidearm bike trays

    • 3-Bike Euroway installed on BMW towball

    Gabe’s personal car rack gallery

    For me, it’s about friends, fun, and convenience.  I need to be able to rack up and get on the road without a bunch of hassle.  I always have people around putting their own bikes on my racks before & after rides, so the system I use needs to be user-friendly and intuitive so there’s no worry about losing a bike on the highway that I didn’t rack up myself.  Although looks are important, practicality has always taken a front seat and I have opted for systems that are safer or easier to use over their sleeker, sometimes cheaper options that were available.  I’ve never lost a bike and every car I have had has attracted comments about the cool rack system on it.


    • 2012 B200 – custom 2″ receiver hitch, T2 rack with optional +2 bike add-on

    • My current Nissan Patrol with Thule T2 setup with 4 mountain bikes – 3 different wheel sizes

    • 1994 VW Passat wagon with 5-bike roof system, and a trailer for good measure

    • 2004 Audi Allroad with 2″ receiver hitch & T2 setup, with a 2+ bike option