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Tidy up your cockpit with a custom light and GPS configuration!



Time to tidy up your road bike!

Get rid of those unruly rubber straps, avoid glare, and make your rig a little more aero by tidying up your handlebars.


First, choose your headlight that gives you the light needed for the level of safety, visibility to other road users, and vision of the road ahead given the area that you ride, time of day, and light provided by streetlights. As an example, 1000 lumens is usually good enough to ride at the same speed you'd ride during daylight hours, but 450 lumens might not be quite enough to let it really go on a descent, but might be enough to ride a well-lit route in a group of other riders.

We equip a lot of riders with the Ravemen CR1000 and the Moon Rigel Pro headlights, both with 1000 lumens. The adaptor for the GoPro attachment is included in the Moon, and available as an additional accessory in the case of the Ravemen. The Ravemen comes with a wired remote that allows you to change settings without removing your hands from the handlebar and reaching underneath the light in the dark to find the button - a cool little enhancement for some that find themselves wanting to change their settings during the ride.  The Ravemen CR600 is adequate for group rides, a little lighter and smaller, and enough light if you split from the group for a while in the dark.

The sandwich light from Ravemen (FR160) fits between your Garmin (or Wahoo) and has a strobe feature that makes you VERY visible to oncoming traffic or cars exiting side streets. If you like to have a solid light on the ground, but have seen the benefits of a strobe, you might want to join the many riders now who choose to ride with both a strobe and a solid beam light.

Then, once you choose the proper headlight, let us help find the right combination of adaptors, mounts, additional lights, and computer to make it all fit just right.

Above (Fig 1) is an example of a common setup we do in store: (from bottom to top)

  • Main light is bright enough to descend at speed in complete darkness (1000lm or more)

  • Raveman/GoPro adaptor to fit the light to an underside-mount 

  • Computer mount has GoPro equipped underside, this one custom to his SystemSix

  • Ravemen FR160 sandwich light fits in between his Garmin and the Garmin mount that puts out an additional strobe for visibility on the road

  • ​Garmin GPS computer tracks his power output, speed, heart rate, gradient, temperature & other data

Look how tidy that looks!

Fig 2 is an alternate setup, with a simple GPS and 1000lm headlight only. In this case, the Computer/Light mount came with the bike and the headlight came with the go-pro-style adaptor for the light, so it was a super simple installation, with little need for extra parts or time.



Many bike/light/computer solutions might require some puzzle solving, so we carry a ton of little parts for adapting to Wahoo computers and adaptors for different brands of lights to mount to gopro-style light mounts. This category is always expanding as we identify new lights and standards and the need arises.



Also, having the bright face of your headlight(s) visible in your peripheral vision can affect your vision in complete darkness, so in this case the light faces are hidden underneath the computer, letting you focus your vision completely on the reflecting light ahead (see above).

garmin out front mount canyon direct mount supersix conceal


Most bikes have a standard round handlebar that you can mount an out-front mount onto, but many new models are coming with proprietary bar shapes that require custom mounts. The new Supersix comes with a stem faceplate-mounted GPS and GoPro-style light mounts included which makes things super easy (Conceal Stem Light Mount)

Here are some popular mounts that we carry:

Round handlebar - standard mount - Magicshine with GoPro underneath

Round Handlebar - standard mount- Garmin Outfront Mount

Direct mount - fits Giant & similar bikes with mounting holes under bar - Magicshine Direct Mount

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