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How to choose the right light for Nightriding

Nightriding Headlights Buyer's Guide

What are the five most important features to look for in an offroad night light?

It's not just about the lumens and the price...

As a night rider for over 25 years, I've been helping people choose the right lights for many years. I actively seek the best lights to sell through my shop, and promote the lights that work best for our mountain bike rides and gravel rides that we do from the shop here in Melbourne.  I wanted to condense all the little bits of advice into one video and show how I shake down a demo light into it's most important features. Two of these units we sell in store and online, and two we either carried them in the past or considered them. I loan some out for new nightriders to our group, and rotate through demo units year round as I try them out.  Not every one is up to task, and some have a great bundle of features for the money.

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