Vittoria Terreno Dry Gravel Wire Bead | 700x35

Local favorite in Melbourne for commuters and light gravel use. The smooth center at 35+ psi rolls almost as fast as a road tyre, and when you lower the pressure a bit and when on softer dirt & gravel surfaces the side grippers grab & offer a more stable platform for confidence at speed. Perfect for: rail trails, dirt paths within the city, paved bike paths, paved roads.

Corsa-inspired tread design, for paved surfaces and hard-packed gravel. The smooth Corsa-inspired center rolls fast, while the side tread “scales” provide durable bite when cornering and braking.

  • Corsa inspired smooth center tread
  • Designed for paved surfaces and hard-packed gravel
  • Graphene compound
  • Wire Bead

Category: Gravel Riding
Recommended use: Dry Terrain conditions