Sram Brake Bleed Kit W/Fluid

Professional drip-free bleeding kit for hydraulic SRAM disc brakes. Get better performance and durability out of your brakes with a regular bleed of your hydraulic brake fluid. With all the equipment needed to do the task yourself, take to your bike with a bit of TLC and reap the benefits.

Kit Includes:
- DOT5.1 brake fluid included
- 2 Syringes
- 2 Standard fittings
- 1 Bleeding Edge fitting for S4 caliper (Guide Ultimate)
- 2 Pipe nipples
- 2 Clamp collars
- 1 Torx L-wrench
- 1 3/8" drive 8mm crows foot
- 4 bleed blocks for all Guide (except Ultimate), XX und X0 brakes
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