Shimano Brake Bleed Kit

The Shimano bleed kit TL-BT03S is a basic set for bleeding disc brakes. It can be used on all Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, both those with One-Way bleeding and earlier models without this technology. The kit contains a syringe, a hose with slip stopper, a funnel with base and a cable clamp, but no mineral oil.

Compatible with: BLM355, BLM395, BLM396, BLM396, BLM445, BLM506, BLM575, BLM596, BLM615, BLM640, BLM666, BLM675, BLM785, BLM820, BLM9000, BLM9020, BLM985, BLM987, BLM988, BLS700, BLT445, BLT615, BLT675, BLT785, STM4050, STR785, STRS685
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