PRO Stealth Team Saddle Carbon Rails | 152mm

the Team which features both a carbon reinforced polymer base and carbon rails ideal for cyclists who need a wide nosed saddle to aid them in maintaining an aerodynamic position on the bike. The all-carbon Stealth Team Saddle is perfect for riders who require the lowest weight saddle. The Stealth Performance Saddle, with its stainless-steel rails, is best suited for riders who priorities a robust build quality.


- Short length, wide nose design
- Broad anatomic fit recess
- Smooth PU Cover
- Compatible with PRO Saddle Accessories
- Base: carbon reinforced polymer
- Widths: 142mm (PRSA0352) and 152mm (PRSA0353)
- Padding: Lightweight EVA
- Rails: Carbon
- Weight: 161g

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