Quad Lock Wallet

Introducing the Quad Lock MAG™ Wallet—a secure and convenient solution for carrying multiple cards with your phone.
Secure and Confident
With the Quad Lock® feature and strong magnets, your cards are securely held to the back of your phone. The Wallet remains locked in place, even when removing your phone from your pocket.
Smart Design
The Wallet comfortably holds one to three cards, ensuring equal security with any card quantity, thanks to clever engineering.
Sleek and Stylish
Crafted from durable black vegan leather with a subtle texture and debossed logo, the Quad Lock MAG™ Wallet perfectly complements your MAG Case.
Effortless Access
The Wallet features a bottom cutout, allowing easy card removal without disconnecting it from your Case.
Convenient Payments
Enjoy tap-to-pay functionality without removing cards from your Wallet.*
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