Shimano RD-M360 8 Speed Rear Derailleur | Black

Acera is a 7/8 speed MTB-style component group for city-sport and mountain bikes. In addition to an excellent cost-performance value, Acera provides a feeling of "easy control" that inspires confidence, especially among novice cyclists and younger riders.

- The ACERA M360 delivers smooth, controlled gear shifts to lower (harder) gears.
- It’s light action design means shift effort at your fingertips is reduced.
- Low-friction link pivot bushings used in its construction to improve durability, and shift quality.
- Over-sized 13-tooth pulleys increase durabilty.
- Made from a combination of aluminium and steel to reduce weight, without sacrificing strength.
- Maximum sprocket size is 34T.

Weight: 303 Grams
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