Muc-Off E Bike Ultimate Care Kit

The Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing your bike. This kit isn't style specific either with all the essentials for Road, Cyclocross, MTB and the daily commute. Complete with our award-winning Bike Cleaner, Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Two Prong Brush, Microfibre Cloth, Drivetrain Cleaner, Bike Protect and Bio Wet Lube, this kit is the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for any bike fanatic!

- Nano Tech Bike Cleaner (1L) for quick, easy cleaning
- Bio Drivetrain Cleaner (250ml) for fast, effective drive chain degreasing
- Bike Protect (500ml) for ultimate, post-wash protection
- Bio Wet Lube (50ml) included for incredible drive chain efficiency
- 3x Assorted cleaning brushes and 1x sponge for deep cleaning
- Tool Box included for convenient storage
- Includes Premium Microfibre Cloth for easy drying

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