Profile Design Wing 20c+ Handlebars with Aerobar Bracket Kit

 The WING/20c features our ne shape that is optimized for aerodynamics as well as strength and stiffness.  It also offers the ability to alter the hand grip position by 20mm.

 The truncated aerofoil shape of the basebar is a key element of the balance between aerodynamics, strength and comfort.

- Weight: 200g (38cm)
- Width: 38, 40, 42cm (center to center)
- Center Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
- Clamp Width: 100mm (on all bar sizes)
- Clip Compatible: Yes
- Material:  Carbon
- Finish: Matte Black
- Pursuit Reach: 150mm (center to tip)
- Grip Offset: ± 10mm (20mm)
- Pursuit OD/ID: 24 / 19.8mm
- Drop Outsweep: No

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