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Level 1  Guru Bike Sizing                                                             30min-1hr     $99

Determine appropriate bike size and position for one bike

Ensure that you purchase the correct size of bike


Level 2 – Guru Optimisation, Bike Fitting                                       Up to 2 Hrs    $249

Abbreviated physical assessment – 8 point

X/Y analysis – Optimise saddle position, bar position – Guru Bike

Transfer final position to existing bike

Modifications to equipment as needed

* This is more a detailed sizing than a bike fit and is not comprehensive enough to address pain, discomfort or possible areas for improvement to the bike.

*Modifications are basic and limited to saddle height/fore/aft and stem length/position.

*For those seeking a report to provide to a custom builder on which to base a custom frame build, a Level 3 is required.


Level 3 – Comprehensive Guru Bike Fitting and Power Optimisation          

- Up to 3 hrs     $399

By far our most popular service and best for riders of all experience levels

Prefit interview – goals, injuries, profile

Comprehensive physical assessment – 20 point

X/Y analysis – Optimise saddle position, bar position on Guru Bike

Kinetic chain, hip-knee-foot alignment

Transfer final position to existing bike

Modifications to equipment as needed*

One follow-up appointments to ensure successful adaptation - if needed, within 30 days

*Modifications may include but not limited to: Cleat position, arch support, stance width, saddle dimensions, saddle fore/aft/height/tilt, crank length, seatpost dimensions, stem and handlebar dimensions, handlebar rotation.


Triathlon/TT Bike Fitting                                                      Up to 4 hrs     $499**

Comprehensive Guru fit for TT position

Multi-discipline and transition considerations

** TT fitting starts with your ideal road position and "clocks forward" to a more ideal TT bike  position (forward and lower, more aero) - within the constraints of your TT bike and your body's capability.  We offer TT fitting as a package with a Level 3 (see above) plus TT optimisation.

Learn more about Guru TT fitting here


Popular a la carte Services


Cleat Fitting – off the bike cleat installation                                   15-30min             $50

Position cleat in neutral position fore & aft

Rotate cleat based on foot structure

Follow ups as necessary




* REBATE – A portion of your bike fit can be used as a rebate towards a bike purchase over $2k within 3 months of the fit

* Prices include time necessary to make minor adjustments to equipment. Complex modifications may incur additional labour charges. Ex. Internal cable rerouting, tri-bar installation, cable & housing modifications, etc.