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A professional bikefit can be an extremely valuable investment for any cyclist, from beginner to professional, whether they ride road, mountain, recreational, triathlon, gravel or E-bikes. Having a professional assess your body's abilities, limitations, imbalances, dimensions and restrictions, then translate that into a proper position is crucial to riding to your potential and avoiding injury. Our bike fit program at Urban Pedaler looks at every contributing factor from your cleat, through your saddle, and out to the handlebar and using the Guru machine we can optimise every detail.  We also have a wide range of fitting equipment, accessories, footbeds, shoes, cleats, saddles, handlebars, stems and triathlon equipment to try during the fit if needed to help cover any enhancements or modifications to your equipment that come about through the process.

About our fitters

Paul Davis is certified in Guru and F.I.S.T. Bike Fitting Methodology, and is also a Master Level Body Geometry Fitter and an experienced cyclist.  He's been fitting professionally since 2010 and is a lifetime cyclist, age group IronMan competitor, and has raced both at a high level MTB and recreational level in road. After owning his own bike retail stores, he's been with Urban Pedaler since 2018 concentrating solely on his bike fitting skills.

Gabe Sullens has been fitting since 1997 with methodology, and went on to work with Andy Pruitt at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in the USA in developing the Body Geometry Bike Fitting Program taught and promoted by Specialized dealers around the world. After leading development of the Body Geometry Fit Program, he went on to teach the courses for bike fitters in several countries including Australia. Currently he advises and assists with the fittings here at Urban Pedaler when needed.


COMPREHENSIVE BIKE FITTING                                   Up to 3 hrs     $399

Recommended for new and experienced riders, those who have never had a comprehensive fitting, and anyone seeking to reduce pain & discomfort or to find their ideal position on their bike based on their body's unique abilities and/or limitations.

  • Prefit interview – goals, injuries, profile
  • Comprehensive physical assessment – 20 point
  • X/Y analysis – Optimise saddle position, bar position on Guru Bike
  • Kinetic chain, hip-knee-foot alignment
  • Transfer final position to existing bike - for one bike*
  • Modifications to equipment as needed** 
  • Fit report .pdf provided via email
  • One follow-up appointments to ensure successful adaptation - if needed, within 30 days

* We include the time needed to make minor adjustments to one bike. We charge $50 per bike if you would like to set up a second or third bike at the time of your fit.

** Modifications may include but not limited to: Cleat position, arch support, forefoot varus/valgus adjustments, stance width, saddle dimensions, saddle fore/aft/height/tilt, crank length, seatpost dimensions, stem and handlebar dimensions, handlebar rotation, lever placement.


TRIATHLON/TT BIKE FITTING                                         Up to 4 hrs     $499

Comprehensive Guru fit for Triathlon or Time Trial position

  • Pre-fit interview and physical assessment
  • Optimise saddle position, bar and pad position on Guru machine
  • Kinetic chain, hip-knee-foot alignment
  • Transfer final position to existing bike
  • Modifications to equipment as needed*
  • One follow-up appointments to ensure successful adaptation - if needed, within 30 days
  • We can take into consideration any multi-discipline or bike/run transition concerns that the rider may have
TT fitting starts with your ideal road position and "clocks forward" to a more ideal TT bike position (forward and lower, rotated around the bottom bracket) - within the constraints of your TT bike and your body's capability.  Our TT fitting is essentially a Comprehensive Fit (see above) plus TT optimisation for elbow/arm pads.


GURU BIKE SIZING                                                              30min-1hr     $99
  • Confirm appropriate size bike prior to purchase
  • Determine "ballpark" position for one bike


GURU OPTIMISATION / ABBREVIATED FIT                      Up to 2 Hrs    $299

Recommended for those who have had a fit previously with us and may have changed something dramatically, like weight loss, or a change in bike/riding style

  • Abbreviated physical assessment – 8 point
  • X/Y analysis – Optimise saddle position, bar position – Guru Bike
  • Transfer final position to existing bike
  • Modifications to equipment as needed

* This fit builds on the pre-fit assessment that has already been completed by us previously and allows us to adapt the previous fit to a new bike or riding style.

*Modifications are basic and limited to saddle height/fore/aft and stem length/position.

*For those seeking a report to provide to a custom builder on which to base a custom frame build, a Level 3 is required.


CLEAT FITTING – off the bike cleat installation                    15-30min             $50

  • Position cleat in neutral position fore & aft
  • Rotate cleat based on foot structure
  • Follow ups as necessary


* REBATE – A portion of your bike fit can be used as a rebate towards a bike purchase over $2k within 3 months of the fit

* MEDICAL INSURANCE REBATE - Currently, you can not claim medical rebates on bike fitting for most if not all policies & providers

* Prices include time necessary to make minor adjustments to equipment. Complex modifications may incur additional labour charges. Ex. Internal cable rerouting, tri-bar installation, cable & housing modifications, etc.