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Frankston Trainline Disruption, bike commuting as an alternative


This winter is packed with commuter nightmares along the Frankston Line during the disruptions in April and May, as well as the Level Crossing Removal Project slated for June and July.  Car traffic will be up, delays will be many.

See the Frankston Level Crossing Removal details here

Riding a bike is a great, healthy alternative and more people do it daily than you would imagine. With the right bike and  basic list of equipment, it can be less expensive than Metro tickets, less expensive than driving, and even faster without the need to find parking or deal with traffic delays. 


The bikes that people commute vary from traditional road bikes with drop handlebars to Ebikes and Hybrids or flatbar road bikes.  Which one you would like or which one suits you best depends on the length of the commute, the route, the speed that you want to travel, and other uses you might have planned for your bike like weekend rides with family or taking your bike camping.  Stop by our shop, test ride any and all of these as this will help you make the right decision.  The bike might be with you for many years to come, so you might need help sorting through all the choices and being confident in your decision.

See the Bike Sale List Here  - look for Quick, CX3 & CX4 plus any of the road bikes

We support and service a large chunk of the local commuters who ride daily into the city and surrounding areas.  From choosing the right bike, to maintaining your bike, to getting the right equipment, to choosing the best routes, we can help with it all.  As someone who did the daily ride from Bentleigh to Port Melbourne for several years, I'm also intimately familiar with the traffic dangers, interaction with other road users, multiple bike choices, and the ever-present wind direction and weather.  All of which make for a fun and healthy lifestyle choice, and safe if done correctly.


There's no reason it needs to be difficult or unsafe when there are many bike riding paths and bike lanes to & from the city, and in many cases an entire commute can be made without mixing with cars on the streets at all.  Check out Google Maps with the bike route overlay (photo) and you can plan a trip on the green lines to avoid sharing lanes with cars.


We can help you choose the right bike and equipment to get started, as well as advise you on the best routes, then help you with maintaining your bike.  The regular maintenance of a bike would include pumping your tyres regularly to keep them rolling efficiently, lubing the chain occasionally, and bringing the bike in once or twice per year for some regular upkeep.  It's relatively inexpensive and easy if done to a schedule.  Just ask, we're here to help.

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