Cannondale 2020 Dealer Preview

  • Post by  Gabe Sullens Mar 07, 2019

In February I attended the Cannondale Bikes Dealer Conference in Melbourne where we had a brief look at the road bikes, mountain bikes, and other models in the line plan for 2020 here in Australia.  Although I can't share photos and all the hairy details on some hush-hush models on the table, we got a sneak peak at some new platforms, colours, specs, and estimated prices for the line offerings.  We also  got a solid idea about how Cannondale is faring in Australia, the growth in popularity that the brand is seeing, and how the company is investing in their brand for the future. 

There are some exciting things in store like the new Caad13 that is already in the news due to UCI's public, preseason approval process.  The current Caad12 was released in that awkward disc/no-disc/disc brake period when the best universal design had not been decided upon and had a thruaxle front hub, but quick release rear axle. Now that disc brake road bikes are universally accepted and growing in popularity, the thruaxle front/rear combo is pretty much the standard. The Caad13 will most certainly fix this and see even more incremental improvements to continue to be the best aluminum road bike on the market.  There's also a noticeable change in the Cannondale logo across all the products and materials, some new names in the line, new versions of existing platforms, and some incremental changes to familiar models.

Monza Imports, based in Melbourne, continues to invest in better forecasting of their selection of Cannondale mountain bikes and road bikes for the Australian market. This is a fast-paced, rapidly changing industry that is beset on all sides with new innovations and changes in culture that drive demand in new and exciting directions. It's nice to see a company work hard to stay on top of trends and listen to the market to do a better job of catering to the rider desires instead of reacting to changes and always being off the back in trends. We'll have a healthy brand in Cannondale, that stays on trend and has the right bikes at the right time. 

With their increasing investment in Ebikes, mountain bike suspension, carbon design, aerodynamics, and other innovations, we've got an exciting few years ahead of us.  Urban Pedaler is Melbourne's premier Cannondale dealer with the most models in house to see and ride.  As a Cannondale dealer, active riders in both mountain bikes and road bikes, and as a service center for the Southeastern suburbs, we are eager to see the new models roll out over the next couple years.

-Gabe Sullens, Owner