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Similar to the standard Holdup, the HoldUp EVO is built to handle newer bike standards like fat tires and boost hubs, but it easily carries the classics too. It mounts to the vehicle quickly, and loads super quick and secure for long drives. The ample spacing reduces the chance for bike-to-bike interference and it holds the bike by the tyres and wheels only, no frame clamps. It’s a road trip companion for life. Holds most adult and kids bikes from 29" wheels down to 20", easily adjustable for different wheelbase lengths.

Upgrade to 4 bikes - see the Holdup Evo +2 add on

The StrongArm hook secures the bikes at their wheels, protecting carbon frames and painted surfaces. Tilt the rack with bikes loaded for quick rear-of-vehicle access using the new easy-to-reach tilt lever and KickStart™ foot pedal. The super-simple locking SpeedKnob™ makes install a tool-free breeze and included SKS bike locks keep your mind at ease.