Kommit Bike Towing System

Many families who tour with their kids feel the same way. At some point the kids will run out of steam and this is exactly where the kommit® bike train system comes into play – designed, developed and assembled in Bavaria, Germany. It is small, light and intuitive to use. Let yourself be inspired by this effective problem solver. The kommit® will playfully extend your bike tour together, by many more kilometers.

- Developed, designed and assembled in Bavaria, Germany
- Tool-free mounting on the saddle or stem
- Easy to attach thanks to the long and slanted webbing
- Small and compact, tidy under the saddle
- Hard-wearing nylon line from parachute technology
- Length of 2 meters
- Weight of only 138 grams
- Approved for a train weight of up to 90 kilograms
- High-quality carabiner to be prepared for all towing situations
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