Cannondale Clearance Sale (Main)



STOCK SHORTAGES - Australia-wide due to Covid 19

Although we usually display clearance bikes here, the entire bike industry is suffering from a lack of product due to many factors:
  • Raw material shortages, mine restrictions, transportation issues
  • Factory closures & restricted production due to social distancing and regional restrictions
  • Component manufacturing behind schedule - from grips to tyres and derailleurs to aluminum tubing, carbon fibre and paint ingredients
  • Freight delays and disruptions around the world
  • Double the demand for bikes in 2020 while production has slowed
Because of these factors, all the Australian warehouses that house bikes and bike products are empty and struggling to get stock.


Check Here for any bikes that are on sale currently - ALL BRANDS

What Now??
So, we're working with Cannondale, Kona, GT, Frog, Dyson and our other bike suppliers to get dates for future deliveries with which we allocate units to pre-sales.  It's a weird way of doing business, but it's what we have to do when product is scarce.  We can help size you and steer you towards the models that meet your needs the best, get a deposit, and then wait for delivery - mostly between 1-6 months for many models.
 Give us a call, happy to steer you through the models, prices, dates and find something from our current store stock or future deliveries.  9557 6461


WHAT SIZE AM I? Good question. We are very experienced at sizing people on the correct bike and have enough models in store that we can size you correctly with a few short test rides.  Call 03 9557 6461 or Email: for all enquiries.