GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Shoe Covers - Black

The GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers were inspired by the classic 'Belgian Bootie' – used by Flandrien riders for decades. These shoe covers will shrug off showers, keep your feet dry and let you glide through puddles without concern. They are luxuriously soft and comfortable, but also feature reinforcement to the hems on the underside to reduce wear.

- Suitable for road cycling shoes only
- Breathable & Insulating: for warm and dry feet
- Waterproof & Windproof: protect yourself against the elements
- Form-Fitting: elasticated material ensures a close, comfortable fit
- Slip-On Cuff: soft cuff closure around your legs
- Wear Reinforcements: reinforced fabric on high abrasion areas


"I've been using them for a month now and they are amazing! Riding in the Dandenongs in temperatures as low as -1 and up to 10 degrees on the return home and my feet were never cold or too hot. Being knitted, they are a snug fit, no sagging after a few hours, and the waterproofing not only keeps your feet dry but also retains the warmth if you stop for a coffee. Paired with the GripGrab knitted winter gloves your hands and feet will always feel warm, which in cold weather makes for a happy rider." - Cam Hales, Bayside road rider and National-Level road racer

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