Shimano RT-CL800 Ice-Tech Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor | 160mm

The Shimano RT-CL800 Ice-Tech Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor 160mm has been expertly designed to prevent heat-induced deformation. This results in increased reliability, better control, and quieter braking performance. Despite these improvements, the weight remains consistent with the previous version. Shimano's Ice-Tech cooling technology is also incorporated, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and consistent braking capabilities even on long, steep descents. These brake discs feature a three-layer sandwich construction with stainless steel flanks and an aluminium core, greatly improving heat dissipation and reducing temperatures by up to 150 °C. Additionally, the FREEZA aluminium cooling fins provide further temperature reduction with their increased surface area.

Material: stainless steel & aluminium
Disc mount: Center Lock
Diameter: 160mm
Thickness: 1.75mm
Friction ring width: 13.5 mm
recommended brake pads: resin or metal
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