Kids Bikes





2021 Trail Balance 12
2021 Quick 20
Start 'em off right. Cruise the sidewalks and park paths with ease on the Quick 20. Its lightweight frame and 7-speed gearing makes short work of the hills, while its stable handling and powerful brakes make descents a breeze.
2021 Trail 20
2021 Cujo Race 20+
Start 'em off right. The big grippy tires, powerful hydraulic brakes, and wide-range gearing of this premium package will take your little charger's trail riding to the next level.
2021 Quick 24
Start 'em off right.  Fast rolling tires, wide range gearing and confident, stable handling make this one seriously high-performance, on-road/off-road street machine.
2021 Trail 24
2021 Cujo 24+
Start 'em off right. With the amazing grip and comfortable ride of its big tires and its surprisingly light weight, this rig makes trail riding easy and fun.
2021 Cujo Race 24+
Start 'em off right. A deluxe package, with big grippy tires, powerful hydraulic brakes, and seriously trail-worthy components. Built to turn little rippers into full-on mountain bikers.