GripGrab Knitted Thermal Waterproof Gloves

Our shop Favorite Glove! the most comfortable glove you'll ever have. We find that this glove works down to 0 deg temps, perfect for Melbourne in 3 seasons including winter here on Beach Road. They also size funny, we have people with Medium hands fit comfy in the XS/SM, so buy one size down from what you think.

The GripGrab Waterproof Knitted Thermal Gloves are your go-to companion to have dry and warm hands when cycling on chilly damp mornings. The versatile glove is made from a knitted fabric with a waterproof membrane, it provides a soft and insulating layer to keep wind chill and precipitation from freezing your fingers. With a simple gripper print on the palms and subtle reflective details, they will help to keep you in control and also make your hand signals stand out in the dark. A great glove for changeable conditions.


Due to the design of the knitted/bladder design, these run a bit larger than you might think. The XS/SM fits from an XS to a Medium comfortably, the M/L fits someone who normally wears a Lg/XL. The XL/2XL is HUGE!


"I've been using the [Flandrien Knitted Shoe Covers] for a month now and they are amazing! Riding in the Dandenongs in temperatures as low as -1 and up to 10 degrees on the return home and my feet were never cold or too hot. Being knitted, they are a snug fit, no sagging after a few hours, and the waterproofing not only keeps your feet dry but also retains the warmth if you stop for a coffee. Paired with the GripGrab knitted winter gloves your hands and feet will always feel warm, which in cold weather makes for a happy rider." - Cam Hales, Bayside road rider and National-Level road racer



Hand Circumference (cm)
Hand Length (cm)<1818-20>20
Hand Circumference (Inch)
Hand Length (Inch)<77-8>9

90% Polyamide
8% Elastane
2% Rubber
70% Acrylic
20% Polyamide
8% Elastane
2% Rubber

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