This garage stand easily converts your bike rack into a bike storage solution for the home. Like the racks from Single Trail, it is built using high-grade steel which is electroplated with zinc to ensure an amazing lifespan even under the most extreme conditions, with near-perfect welds all around. It fits any of their bike racks whether it's the 2 bike or 6 bike version. The garage stand has wheels so it makes it easy to tilt and move your rig around when removed from your vehicle.
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The Single Trail Garage Stand will fit all Single Trail Racks:

– 2-bike Single Trail RFS rack
– 3-bike Single Trail RFS rack
– 4-bike Single Trail RFS rack
– 5-bike Single Trail RFS rack
– 6-bike Single Trail RFS rack

The Single Trail Garage Stand will fit most 50mm trailer hitch mounted vertical racks.

Unfortunately due to the weight and size of the bike racks they are only available for store pick up. If you're really in a pickle and need it shipped please don't hesitate to call the store on 03 9557 6461.