Kids Bikes

We love to see kids riding, and we’re doing our part to get as many kids out there as possible.  With social media, the internet, video games and TV gaining more and more influence over children of today, it is going to take some effort to turn our young public on to bikes.  We stock and recommend Cannondale and Mongoose brand kids bikes because they offer the best riding experience for your child.  Here’s why:

First, not all kids bikes are made equal…

The lighter the better.  Most of the kids bikes today are almost heavier than the kid who will be riding it.  Imagine picking up a bike that has fallen, or trying to turn around or accelerate to catch someone if your bike was the same weight as you.  Not an easy proposition.  Cannondale and Mongoose kids bikes have a lighter alloy frame at the core, and then other details that keep the weight as low as possible to ensure little Johnny or Suzy can keep up and enjoy their ride.

Second, getting the right size for a growing child isn’t easy…

The normal tendency is to get a size up so the kid can grow into the bike and so you can get a couple good years out of the bike, hopefully.  We can assist with the right choice, and ensuring everything, from the brake lever reach for small hands to the seat height, is ideal for your boy or girl so you get the safest setup possible.  Cannondale make bikes with extremely low standover height, allowing us to normally get a little one on the next size a little earlier – a feature that pays off in extra time on the bike.

Third, durability is important. 

Quality kids bikes make great hand-me-downs and need little maintenance to run solid.  Cheaper kids bikes replace the common steel bearings found in hubs, steering tube, and crank with plastic that deforms when big brother or dad decides to take a spin on it.  Good kids bike last through several owners and can run smooth for many years.


Not all brands are equal, most are heavy and cheap bikes made for the masses – think Target and Anaconda.  We stock brands that make bikes for kids that have the same attention to detail as we would expect as adults that ride nice equipment.  Cannondale, GT, Mongoose and the most recent brand Frog are our chosen brands.

Frog is a UK brand that specializes in lightweight, well-fitting kids road bikes, track bikes and others.  With the huge road riding community in the Bayside area, this brand of road bikes will allow us to get our kids out there enjoying the road with us – stop by and see some of them in person.  We are the exclusive Frog dealer in Melbourne.

The range of Frog Sky kids road bikes

The range of Frog Sky kids road bikes

Our Kids Bike Commitment

Long term plan for keeping your kid safe and sized correctly – included in the purchase of every kids bike.  Rely on us to help you keep those bikes running well and use our experience to keep them properly sized so they are both safe and efficient while riding.

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