Electric Bikes


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The fast-growing global trend to replace trips in the car with your bike has taken off as electric bikes have become more powerful and their range has increased with better battery technology.  The electric bikes are becoming faster, lighter, more integrated, and better-looking and the legal framework in many countries is catching up to support and better identify safety standards so that manufacturers can confidently develop products that have a wide application.

The current laws are beginning to settle around power limits for pedal-assist bikes at 250 watts and 25kph maximums.  In Australia they are legal on dedicated cycleways and you don’t need a specific registration or license to operate one.

It is better to think of an electric bike as a different or new form of transportation rather than a replacement for an existing road or street bike.  The cycling purists might think a motor is cheating, but these bikes appeal to so many people that wouldn’t think of themselves as cyclists, and for good reason:

  • Wear any style clothing while you ride
  • Arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat
  • Park pretty much anywhere

We ride these for errands and occasionally commuting to & from the shop on work days.  It’s a different experience from our Saturday Beach Road rides and trips out to the trails at Lysterfield.

Come by and take a test ride, imagine what it would be like to run out to the garage & hop on your eBike to go to work instead of sitting in traffic or enduring public transportation.  Park like a rock star and take the extra time you saved to either sleep in a few more minutes, or go sit down & enjoy a coffee & read the paper before work.


His & hers parked at a Sunday afternoon BBQ

His & hers parked at a Sunday afternoon BBQ


Jacqui enjoying her Ebike on the way to an afternoon BBQ


Avoiding car doors on GlenHuntley Rd in Elsternwick, VIC

Dyson Demo

Dyson ride demo day at Urban Pedaler